Construction of Channel Dangert 1 in SEZAD

The Channel Dangert 1 crosses the northern side of Duqm development area, located in Al Wusta Governorate of the Sultanate of Oman.

The brief summary of the project:

The aim of the project is to provide a significant degree of flood protection to the Special Economic Zone area under development. Dangert 1 channel is a part of a flood protection system consisting of, apart from the dams, two main channels (Jurf and Saay) crossing the Duqm developing area, collecting secondary channels and having just one outlet to the sea, in the same area that already conveys the natural wadis.

Project Details

Project Type Bid – Build
Project Location Duqm, OMAN
Project Start 09 August 2015
Project End 09 October 2016

Dangert 1 Channel, starts 11 km upstream and where it was possible follows the natural wadi bed, after 8.5 km it reaches the refinery area at the north side and finally after another 2.5 km discharges into the sea. Dangert 1 channel, has a trapezoid section, with a variable bed width of 60 to 100 m.

The construction of the channel Dangert 1 capable of conveying the 1 in 1,000 years flow event, was proposed for the flood protection of the Refinery area from the northern catchment.

An embankment formed by compacted suitable excavation materials and protected by riprap is provided at the downstream reach of the channel near the sea outlet.

There are two box culverts provided for the crossing of the existing roads. A box culvert of 22 cells 4m x 3m have been constructed along main asphalt road (Road 32) at CH. 3+980 of the channel Dangert 1 and a box culvert of 12 cells 3m x 2m for the local road at CH. 10+480 of the channel across the major wadi crossing. 2,800,000 m3 of excavation, 90,000 m3m3 of embankment fill, 80,000 m3 of riprap construction, 50,000 m3 of gabion, and 175,000 m3 channel invert protection construction have been performed for this project by SERKA. The project have been accomplished successfully with a consultancy of Renardet S.A. & Partners L.L.C.