Design-Build Renovation Runway 0826

The brief summary of the project:

The project consists of design and construct the repair of the existing Runway at the Transit Center at Manas, Manas International Airport, Kyrgyzstan. The runway shall be operational at all times during the construction of this project and the purpose of this project is to repair the existing runway, in 2 phases while maintaining flight operations at all times.

Project Details

Project Type Design – Build
Project Location Manas, KYRGYZSTAN
Project Start 20 January 2012
Project End 27 August 2014

As per the scope of the project, the construction was scheduled in two primary phases as Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 includes the reconstruction of the west end of the runway and part of the concrete turnaround area while Phase 2 includes the reconstructs of the east end of the runway.

SERKA had the main roles in design and build stages by coordinating all disciplines successfully. SERKA removed/relocated existing structures, pavement, utilities, cables, debris, etc. that currently occupies the site, as required for construction while maintaining all services to existing facilities not affected by this project.

Providing the materials, the key personals, the equipment and the labor into this challenging project area has been completed on time. And Serka also performed and completed other project as a subcontractor, Manas Air Traffic Control Tower Project, at the same time with this project and accomplished both project within the project schedules.

Following works have been accomplished under the scope of this project:

– Demolition and replacement of the existing concrete pavement,
– Excavation, site preparation,
– All related concrete works
– Related underground utility services
– Airfield lighting,
– Airfield painting,
– And all necessary work for a complete and usable facility.

Key Project Quantities:

  • Renewal of the existing runway, in 2 phases while maintaining flight operations at all times
  • 200,000 m3 earth works and soil improvement
  • 60,000 m3 concrete
  • Renovation of complete airfield lighting system
  • Flight Checks for PAPI Lights
  • No recorded man-hours with lost time incidents