Construction of Roads, Infrastructure & Buildings Commercial Terminal & Operational Zone Areas, at The Port Of Duqm

The brief summary of the project:

The Government of Oman is in the process of developing Duqm Port in Duqm Town as a strategic dry dock, free trade zone, industrial and tourism destination As part of this overall initiative, the Employer intends to develop a world class administrative / office residential complex to promote Duqm Port, which in turn will create more skilled jobs and private Investment opportunities.

Project Details

Project Type Bid – Build
Project Location Duqm, OMAN
Project Start 28 August 2016
Project End 17 March 2020

Construction Process

In general, IP2 Project includes Container Terminal Area approximately 620,000.00 m² stock area, Dry Bulk Terminal, Multipurpose Terminal Area, and Operational Area with the 2,3 km berth for the Merchant vessels. The area of the project site is 90 ha. In detail project also includes the following works:

Building Works

Building works is includes the construction of 17 different Operational and Administration Buildings at the Port Area.

  • Gate Houses & In Gates – Out Gate Booths
  • One Stop Station – Transaction Building
  • Pass Office Building
  • Mosque
  • Electrical Service Buildings (Type-1 and 2)
  • General buildings
  • Fire Fighting Water Tanks
  • Custom – MoH Administration & Inspection Building
  • MAF Inspection Building
  • MoH Clinic
  • Custom Inspection Staff Building
  • Ammunition Building

Road and Paving Works

  • Construction of 8.00 Km roads with varied cross sections including the junctions on these roads.
  • Construction of all internal roads as access to buildings and parking areas
  • Design, supply, installation and commissioning of traffic signals, including all signal heads, loop detectors, ducting/cabling, controllers and power supply.
  • Construction of 2 Nos. of Helipad with an approximate area of 2,200 m2.
  • Piling (546 nr of 1200mm Dia, 48 nr of 750mm dia, 92 nr of 500mm dia)
  • Supply and laying of sub base – 45,000 sq.m
  • Supply and laying of cement bound sub base – 700,000 sq.m
  • Supply and laying of cement bound granular material 500,000 sq.m
  • Laying of concrete paving blocks – 500,000 sq.m
  • Laying of asphalt – 45,000 sq.m
  • Concrete rigid pavement – 200,000 sq.m
  • Manufacture and install of new jersey concrete barriers, 3 kms.
  • Outfall chamber (235 m)
  • Road marking (70,500 sq.m of Paint)

Infrastructure Works

Potable Water, Fire Fighting, Storm Water, Sewerage Network, Pump Stations and sewage treatment plant

18,400 LM Potable Water Network Piping, 20,800 LM Firefighting Network Piping, 2,700 LM Sewerage Gravity Piping, 3,200 LM Sewerage Raising Main Piping, 17,900 LM Storm Water Gravity Network Piping and 2,750 LM Storm Raising Main Piping.

Electrical works (1/0.415 KV transformers, 1 KV ring main unit, and LV panel complete with necessary cabling, foundation, sleeves etc.

10,250 LM 11 KV Electrical Duct Bank and 16,150 LM LV Electrical Duct Bank.


27,250 LM Telecom Duct Bank.

Street Lighting, Yard Lighting and Container Stock Area High Mast Lighting

Fencing and Gate Works (ISPS Fence and Demarcation Fence approximately 8.4 Km), entry gate and exit gate with a sliding Door Gate of 20 m wide.

Crane Beam Works

The project also includes construction of 3.00 km of double lane 2 (Two) way carriageway, 2.3m wide and 2m deep 2,3km rear Crane beam, supported on a total of 562 piles of which 549 piles are 1.2m diameter and 13 piles are 0.9m diameter with a nominal length of 35m at 4m centers and front and rear Crane beam rails.