MILCON Drainage System Phase III, Bagram Air Base

The brief summary of the project:

The regarded project is a third phase of the MILCON Drainage System projects. Micro-tunneling, sanitary sewer collection piping, manholes, catchbasins, water wells, utility bridges, sanitary sewer lift stations and re-construction of runways are included in this project. Apart from these, an achievement of 1,500,000 safe man-hours with no lost time incident were performed during the construction works.

Project Details

Project Type Bid – Build
Project Location Bagram, AFGHANİSTAN
Project Start 15 August 2012
Project End 01 June 2014

The scope of the project:

The scope of this project also includes various base-wide upgrades to the Bagram drainage infrastructure and various infrastructure installations at the Westside utility connections and Eastside expansion area. The construction of the drainage system was sub-divided into sections (phases) which are Project Area 3-4, Project Area 3-7, Project Area 3-8, Project Area 3-9, Project Area 3-13, Project Area 3-14 and Project Area 2-2.

3 of those sections were closed drainage system with piping, 2 of them contained both open and close drainage system, and the remaining sections only had open drainage system.

For close drainage systems, ground was being shored before the excavation in order to prevent any unexpected ground subsidence. After excavation, the ground had been prepared for pipes. Then, various sized pipes had been installed. Catch basins and manholes had been constructed, followed by backfilling and site drainage. Open drainage systems had smoother process than close systems which included excavation, compaction & grading, GCABC, Geotextile, Bedding and Grouted Stone activities.

Key Project Quantities:

  • 520 m micro-tunneling (slurry plus pipe jacking with TBM and 200 m open-cut passing underneath the operating runway
  • 6000 lm sanitary sewer collection piping, pipes varying from D:300 to D:1350
  • 3,500 lm open channel 112 manholes & catchbasins
  • Production of 3000 RC pipes as per ASTM standards and 200 Jacking Pipes (D:1800)
  • Production of 300 Jacking Pipes (D:1800) 2,200 meters of sanitary force main HDPE piping and corrugated piping, including manholes and service connection.
  • Concrete & asphalt demolition and re-construction of two runways with a total length of 6.3 kms
  • The utility connections of thirteen (13) existing facilities to the base utility
  • Plane Catching System
  • 2 water wells & 3 utility bridges, 3 sanitary sewer lift stations
  • 1,500,000 safe man-hours with no lost time incident