Saray Hydroelectric Power Plant

The brief summary of the project:

Saray HEPP Generation Facility in Rize province will be commissioned June 2014.

Project Details

Project Type Design – Build – Operate
Project Location Trabzon, TURKEY
Owner Mertler Energy A.Ş.
Project Start 1 September 2011
Project End 1 April 2014

Key Project Quantities:

  • Yearly Production: 60.000.000 kWh
  • Transfer Type: 4000 m Horseshoe
  • Water Inlet Structure: Directly taken from Incirli
  • Turbine: 3 Vertical Full Kaplan
  • Net Fall: 29,7 m max., 24,8 m min.
  • Flow Rate: 62 m³/s
  • Water Intakes And Settling Basin (3 nos 4.00×4.20 m vertical inlet gate & 3 nos 4.00×3.60 m vertical sluiceway gate)
  • Water Transmission Line (L=120 m, D=5.30 m)
  • Water Tunnel (L=3743 m, D=5.30 m horse-shoe lined tunnel)
  • Penstock (L=50.80 m, D=4.50 m circular section, embedded in reinforced concrete underground)
  • Surge Tank (D=21 m, H=18 m circular section, steel lined reinforced concrete) (Underground)
  • Power Plant (2 units, each 6.75 MW, total installed capacity is 13.50 MW, 60 GWh/year energy production)