New Embassy Compound (NEC)

The brief summary of the Project:

The scope of the project includes the construction of a New Embassy Compound in Ankara, Turkey to be established on a 37.000 sqm site including the Chancery Building, a Marine Security Guard Residence, facilities for the community and associated support facilities.

Project Details

Project Type Bid – Build
Project Location Ankara, TURKEY
Owner OBO
Project Start 27 December 2016
Project End 31 August 2019

SERKA provided all labor, material, equipment to perform all topographic surveys, site preparation, geotechnical works, mass excavation, backfilling, construction of reinforced concrete buildings and site structures, stone cladding of building facades and site elements for the project.

SERKA managed all aspects of the project including QA/QC and HSE functions with its established teams on site to executed construction of below listed items in a timely manner:

  • New Office Building (NOB); 6-story R/C building with 22.000 sqm (gross) area with integrated Marine Security Guard Quarters (MSGQ) and Recreation al Facility (REC) buildings.
  • Recreational Facility (REC) included integrated into NOB footprint 280 GSM
  • Other minor buildings including Demarcation Building (DEMARC), Access Control Buildings MCAC, CCAC, SCAC, police booths and Mail Screening Facility with 1.000 sqm (gross) area.
  • Compound Access Control (CACs)
  • Support Annex (SPX); 5-story R/C building with 13.000 sqm (gross) area.
  • Warehouse (WHE)
  • Parking Garage located below SPX
  • Utility Building (UTIL) functions located below SPX 870 GSM
  • Parking Structure (PKG); 5-story underground R/C building with 11.000 sqm (gross) area.
  • Landscaping works and construction of recreational facilities
  • Site Elements including a high-security R/C Perimeter Wall and Retaining Walls.