Physical Security Upgrades, US Embassy

The brief summary of the project:

The project aims to provide a safer living and working space for the American Embassy building and American embassy in Baku.

Project Details

Project Type Bid – Build
Project Location Baku, AZERBAIJAN
Owner US Department of State, OBO
Project Start 03 July 2013
Project End 30 May 2014

Renovations for MCAC and North CAC Buildings:

The project scope also includes the renovation works at MCAC and North CAC buildings.

Standard doors have been removed and new FE/BR doors have been installed for Main CAC Building.

Plastering and painting works have been carried out interior and exterior walls of the building. Necessary maintenance works were also performed during the renovation of the building. Demolition, excavation and concrete works have been executed around the Main CAC building.

Construction of Main CAC building Bollards foundations have been completed to prior to installation of anti-ram wedge barrier. Electrical and telecommunication infrastructural works also have been done with the renovation works of MCAC and North CAC buildings within the scope of the project.

The scope of project includes:

  • Installation of a new Prefabricated Guard Booth,
  • Installation of high-security Anti-Climb Fence – 53 LM,
  • Installation of K-12 Anti-Ram Bollards,
  • Installation of Anti-Ram Wedge Barrier,
  • Installation of crash rated Drop Arm Gate,
  • Installation of FE/BR doors for the existing MCAC building,
  • Renovation of the environmental lighting system
  • K-12 certification at all embassy entrance doors vehicle barriers.
  • Renovations of existing MCAC and North CAC buildings as detailed below,
  • Rehabilitation of the existing camera’s environmental security system,
  • Construction of the TSS infrastructure for new facilities including earthworks,
  • Removal and disposal of existing pavements, drop arm gates and pedestals, concrete planter boxes, anti-climb fence,