Repair Runway 0321, Bagram Air Base

The brief summary of the project:

The Bagram Runway Repair project is a mission critical airfield repair that must maintain its scheduled completion date. Military operations throughout Afghanistan rely on aircraft flying from Bagram and Air Force cannot afford to have the Primary Landing Surface out of service any longer than necessary. Rapid mobilization, rapid design and rapid construction was required and expected.

Project Details

Project Type Design – Build
Project Location Bagram, AFGHANISTAN
Project Start 11 February 2013
Project End 09 December 2013

The intent is to make the repairs in phases while maintaining airfield operations. In order for repairs to be made on the Primary Landing Surface, the Old Runway will need to be repaired for temporary service.

The Period of Performance is 330 days and it is scheduled to be turned over to the client before winter. Therefore Serka has taken all the precautens in order not to encounter any problems which may cause delay to the project. Serka was moblized in a timely manner. 120t/hr Asphalt plant was set up in the Bagram Air Field, being the one of the only two Asphalt Production Facility in the Base.

Phase 1 Asphalt works has started on the proposed date and completed İn August. Phase 2 has already started and site process is ahead of the proposed baseline schedule. The project includes the demolition of existing 90,000 sqm concrete and 70,000 sqm asphalt area. Total of 140,000 sqm asphalt will be placed (90,000 sqm has already been completed for Phase 1). Plane Catching System will also be installed for Primary Landing Surface.

Key Project Quantities:

  • Recognized as the busiest airfield in the world with one runway
  • Transforming the old taxiway to new runway and renewal of primary runway, in 2 phases while maintaining flight operations at all times
  • Concrete & asphalt demolition of two runways with a total length of 6.3 km
  • 6.3 km of 2 asphalt runway construction while maintaining flight operations at all times.
  • Aircraft Arresting System
  • Airfield Runway Repair completed 6 weeks ahead of schedule