Bagram Bulk Fuel Storage and Supply Phase 5 & 8, Bagram Air Base

The brief summary of the project:

The Project was carried out at Bagram Air Base in order perform as a fuel storage and supply facility. Storage tank with pump facility, filter building with controls, fill & issue lines, fill stands, POL pipeline underground works were within the scope of the project.

Project Details

Project Type Bid – Build
Project Location Bagram, AFGHANISTAN
Project Start 18 June 2009
Project End 23 June 2011

The scope of the project:

Three (3) 25,000 Barrel TS‐1 Storage Tank with Pump Facility; cut and cover tank with concrete pump house built on top of each tank and associated materials/equipment to connect into the under construction South Tank Farm Facility. Metal Plates are butt welded to construct fuel storage tank’s bottom, shield and upper respectively. Tank is coated and tested according to contract specifications. End of the pump house building; pumps, pipes and control equipments are installed and tested properly.

Filter Building with Controls, Fill & Issue Lines: Poured in place concrete facility with CMU panels which houses the filter separators and automatic system controls, generator room and toilet. Filter separators are mounted on base in compliance with contract specifications. Pipe and equipments shall be installed and control valves shall be integrated and tested.

Three (3) new fill stands. Refueler fill stands are connected to pipe loop supply. Control equipments are installed and arranged according to the specifications.

POL Pipeline Underground: Approximately 3250 meters of 8” internal and external coated pipes and pits have been installed and tested according to specifications.

Site Improvement and Demolition: Site work, such as all demolition and removal work, site surveys, cleanup work, grading work and other ancillary site work. Also, Serka repaired all damaged roads caused by construction operations. Site security in the construction area was also handled by Serka personnel.

Serka provided diesel generators to meet his demand requirements, a fully operational Life Support Area to sustain 200+ workers, its own security and guard service 24/7 for LSA and material storage and equipment staging sites, drilled water well on the concrete batch plant site for construction purposes.